BnB BRIO is a unique experience to immerse yourself in the ancient city of Agrigento and fully experience the true essence. Forget car and walk to enjoy the wonders of the old town! The strategic location will allow you to immerse yourself in the best among the beauties of the city, to better manage your time and make your days here, days of relaxation.


Family and genuine atmosfere, with caring and careful people who will give you the best trips to better enjoy your holiday in the city, aiming to meet the needs of living with dynamism but without sacrificing the value of leisure in order to make a pleasant and relaxing stay in “the most beautiful city of mortals”.

cit. Pindaro

The environment

Fruit of the work and the hopes of a family of Agrigento, daughter of the Mediterranean culture that has renovated the old house on three levels, creating a Bed & Breakfast by the minimal chic style that gives a nod to the traditions and atmosfere typical of Sicily and the Mediterranean. BRIO is the B&B that combines vibrancy, joy and colour environments to comfort and well- being of the guests. The hotel has 5 rooms accomodating single, double and triple. All rooms are spacious, bright and airy with private service. Some also have a “space kitchen”in the room, separate entrances and overlook the wonderful and equipped terrace.

Territory with vocation and talent

In the heart of a millenary Sicily, where man and nature have created civilization and history, you will find the BnB BRIO, among the wonders of the archaeological site “VALLE DEI TEMPLI”, the winding alleys of the old town of Agrigento and the beautiful Mediterranean coasts, lapped by enchanting beaches that look to Africa and that are characterized by freshness, clear and salt water.